Meet the Band


Jason Stratford

Position: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Synth/Keyboard
Nicknames/AKA: Jayce
Likes: Has a wee passion for premium lager ;-)

Jayce's first recollection of music was from the age of 6 having been introduced to brass instruments. He played in silver bands and school orchestra and there was always a guitar of his Dad's kicking around at home which he never really attempted to play until exchanging his juvenile passion for Michael Jackson with 'Die Young' by 'Black Sabbath' which his brother played repeatedly!

At secondary school Jayce found himself being taught by a strict, militarian style music teacher who insisted it was compulsary for him to play in the school orchestra. After later being asked to leave the orchestra but to continue lessons, a very annoyed Jayce told said teacher to "stick the boring cornet as far up his arse as he could get it". The end.

Fortunately by then Jayce had acquired a taste for guitar, learning AC/DC and really rocking it out, later playing in many garage bands until his introduction to Opusweed's manager, Sue at the 'Thames Head' pub - thus the story unfolds.

Guitars n Gear!!!!!!

 2 x Gibson les Paul customs.. of course one black one white!!!! Just to be PC
 1 x 80's style reverse stock Jackson glam rock, but I love it
 1x Ibanez premium guitar
 TC Electronic G-System sound effects
 Marshall TLS 60 triple super lead amp head, Orange rockerverb amp head
 Marshall 4x12's cabs
 Notation Ultranova synth
 iPad for Moog sounds
 M-Audio electric piano

Catch ya laters and peace out!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Harris

Position: Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Bass (via marshall) / Tech / Tinkerings / Recordage
Nicknames/AKA: Weedopus / Mike "No-teevee"

Born into an environment of live music, morris dancing, the sweet fragrance of rollups and real ale. A 32 year experienced lutanist and incurable musical/engineering personality, Mike will coax a tune out of tin cans, sticks and fishing line if required.

Mike's previous musical endevours are wide ranging from the early days in the church choir, leading to forming several groups at school and jamming with friends and family members.

An angsty phase in his early 20's saw him giging with hardcore/death metal act 'Underule'. Then, after some years of study, experimentation and general abuse of technology in his home studio, Mike eventually got round to regular gigs again in 2009 with Ciren rockers 'Crayfish' and 'Bad Obsession', before finally teaming up with the embrionic Opusweed in the heat of August 2012.

Glen Moreman

Position: Bass

Glen has played bass for many local rock/indie/blues bands since 1980 and having played in a 'Hawkwind' tribute band back in 1990, he has returned to his space rock roots.

Glen's style has been influenced over the years by many artists including Lemmy, Alan Davey, Roger Glover and Jack Bruce.

Glen stopped playing guitar for a while due to family and work commitments. Following a gap of 15 years and while helping organise a music festival, Glen met Opusweed where he was invited to play bass for them in Autumn 2014.

Since then he has really enjoyed getting back into playing in a band environment and is really looking forward to returning to the stage once again.

Luke 'Sherminator' Davidson

Luke Davidson

Position: Drummer/natural born pizza consumer/the token red head
From: Wexham, Slough (sluff)
Nicknames/AKA: Jest Suisse Orange, Ginger Ninja, Shaggy, Sherminator
Famous quotes: "looks like it was recorded with a potato"

Luke has been playing drums for over 8 years, including many festivals and shows up and down the UK with many talented bands and musicians as well as appearing on countless demo's and recordings.

Luke's passion for drums (and music) began at an early age when listening to the likes of John Bonham / Keith Moon / Ginger Baker in his Dad's car - on those long, long, long, endless journeys.

He then turned to trawling through music at HMV, seeking out heavier, faster forms of drums and music to feed his passion to perform (and upset his parents :)
Self taught, Luke has found his niche in the rock/metal genres, though he has a passion for all music forms and has played in Jazz/Blues/Reggae and Ska bands previously.

Luke also likes to produce and write music and is lucky enough to have a small portable studio to indulge his creative ideas as well as digital design and 2D/3D artwork.

Pearl Export EXR Custom Series Drums
1x Kickdrum / 1x Hi-Hats
2x Tom Toms
1x Floor Tom
2x Pearl Snares ( 1x custom dual emperor snare head (primary)
1x standard pearl rhythm snare tightly tuned)
Sabian/Zildjian/Meinl Cymbals
Pearl Single chain kickpedal
Drumsticks used - 7AN Vic Firths

Emmie Prewitt

Emmie Prewett

Position: Weebleys / Effects
From: The Psychedelic Magical Unicorn Moon
Nicknames/AKA: Rainbow Warrior / Weeble
Favourite words: Shenanigans / Raggamuffin

Emmie loves an eclectic mix of music i.e. dubstep, dance, jungle, space rock (naturally!), to artists such as Paolo Nutini , Bob Marley and Damien Rice!

She loves sixties music too, with fond affection to 'The Kinks', 'The Troggs', 'Dusty Springfield', 'The Animals', 'The Doors' etc, all old skool :)

Russell Howard and Lee Evans are her favourite comedians, she has an entirely unreasonable fear of colossal squids. Often described as a hippy, one of her nicknames is "Rainbow Warrior" which may give the wrong impression but basically she loves bright colours when it comes to her dress sense; that's the inspiration :-P

More facts; Emmie is 5ft 7in and has a strange obsession with Cacti, she loves to draw and wants to make more time for this but being quite an energetic person, convincing herself to sit still is quite a task! - also into Buddhism and reading more into it at the moment. She loves to personalise things; her car displays many amusing stickers! So as you can see, a totally random character!

Aretha Crawford

Position: Vocals
Nicknames/AKA: Cat-woman

24 year old Aretha is the latest addition to Opusweed, complementing the band as a vocalist.
The first band she remembers loving is 'The Prodigy'..... it was too hard to choose any one particular genre, but garage and bass line are definitely up there.

Aretha currently works in a bakery but would love to work with animals when she 'grows up' - she admits to a ridiculous obsession with cats.

Guests & Guest Artists

Nyall - Lead Guitar
Jay - Lead Guitar
Chyna - Saxaphone / Flute
Rach - Electric Violin
Chloe - Hoop Performer